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Areas of Impact

Become A Learning Organization

There needs to be a shift from “seeing parts to seeing wholes, from seeing people as helpless reactors to seeing them as active participants in shaping their reality, from reacting to the present to creating the future.”

The Disciplines of the Learning Organization:

  • Systems Thinking
  • Personal Mastery
  • Mental Models
  • Building Shared Vision
  • Team Learning

Communicate Your Values

Tech leaders who are able to develop and communicate their core values are setting a course for strategy-driven organizations.

Core values inform every organizational decision including dictating your relationship with all of your stakeholders:

  1. Those who work for you
  2. Those who partner with you
  3. Those who buy from you
  4. Those who are impacted by you
  5. Those who invest in you

Become Process Driven

Products and services are not business and you cannot manage what you cannot measure.

When organizational leaders take the time to understand and operationalize their business’s functions, they avoid common barriers to success while being able to recover more quickly from unexpected events, while minimizing harm.

Building a business that can scale requires more than a great product or service. It requires intentional effort in being able to give your customers/clients the experiences they want and the ability to manage the process.

Recruit and Retain For Inclusion

We are no longer making widgets but we still hire as if we are. We need to hire for the ability to turn information into knowledge.

Change is happening all around us, and yet, the tech industry continues to hire and build teams that are still stuck in the Industrial Age matrix. Everyone is sick and tired of being asked, “Are you technical?”

Wake up!

We are in the Information Age where diversity and inclusion are required parts of smart business planning. Shed the outdated silo thinking and shift to systems thinking. Success in today’s knowledge economy requires that all team members understand how every decision impacts business leaders ability to innovate, differentiate, and gain a competitive advantage.