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There’s No Going Back!

“Robots and computers will own any clearly bounded job, skill, or game. Humans should focus on creative work.” @naval Ravikant

This statement truthfully sums up my beliefs and why I’ve become an advocate for requiring the learning of the language/s of TECHNOLOGY.

Regardless of your political, social, religious, etc. beliefs…change is the only constant and technology will continue to have an ever increasing impact on the economic landscape. There are opportunities being created today that weren’t more than a thought to a handful of individuals only 5-years ago.

There Is No Going Back!

Don’t wait on some person or policy to save you from what will happen in the future. Discoveries in technology have always led us forward and eliminated what was once thought of as innovative. To keep pace, we must evolve into ‘Learning Beings’. We must embrace our ability to turn our minds and talents to a thing with focus and discover ways to mold it to our will. We must keep up or be prepared to be left way behind.

There Is No Going Back!

Here are 10 jobs that once played important roles in a then economy:

  1. Bowling Alley Pinsetter
  2. Human Alarm Clock
  3. Ice Cutter
  4. Pre-radar listener for enemy aircraft
  5. Rat Catcher
  6. Lamplighter
  7. Log Driver
  8. Switchboard Operator
  9. Resurrectionist
  10. Lector who entertained factory workers

Here are 10 jobs that didn’t even exist ten years ago and are apart of the noweconomy:

  1. App Developer
  2. Market Research Data Miner
  3. Educational or Admissions Consultant
  4. Millennial Generational Expert
  5. Social Media Manager
  6. Chief Listening Officer
  7. Cloud Computing Services
  8. Elder Care
  9. Sustainability Expert
  10. User Experience Design

Here are 11 possible jobs of a future economy:

  1. Chief Productivity Officer
  2. Excess Capacity Broker
  3. Drone Manager
  4. Private Industry Air Traffic Control
  5. Medical Mentor
  6. Self-Driving Car Mechanic
  7. Autonomous Transportation Specialist
  8. Personal Medical Interpreter
  9. Human-Technology Integration Specialist
  10. Wholeness Mentor
  11. End-Of-Life Coach

This was not written as a platform to shame those individuals who are happy with the status qu0 but rather to inform them that even the status qu0 is changing and changing rapidly. Becoming a Learning Being means that you get to decide what the status quo is for you.

Because There Is No Going Back!