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The Antiracist Economist

The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

-Socrates, Way of the Peaceful Warrior

About Kim

Portrait of Kim Crayton smiling wearing a purple blouse and purple glasses

As the Antiracist Economist, Kim Crayton is dedicated to building a future that Is Supremacy, Coercion, Discrimination, and Exploitation FREE. Formerly known for #causeascene, she used her platform to call out harm and the facade of inclusion, often advising with tech companies that were experiencing “challenges” when it came to ensuring the welcoming and psychological safety of their work environment.

After years of the status quo Kim has shifted. She is no longer putting out fires and instead is ready to focus her time and efforts on moving forward. Having worked many years as an educator she decided to also become the mentor she wished she’d had. Using her own lived experience to guide her, Kim has been actively working, as an advisor, educator and mentor, to support the development of businesses that model Profit Without Oppression by sharing knowledge and helping others develop skills in ways that accommodate the masses. In doing so Kim is laying the foundation for a Future that is Hopeful, Authentic and Strategic in Action…are you in?