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Products and services are not businesses. All too often, businesses fail or can’t scale because their leaders don’t understand that growth requires processes that enable innovation and competitive advantage. Let us help you create the processes that are  necessary in order for you to meet your organizational goals.

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Long has access to a quality business education been available only to the few, but no more. A business school education enables you to gain the “code, language, and rules” (Eric Thomas) to take a seat at the most powerful tables in the world and have your voice heard. Now anyone has the same opportunity to gain access to and take advantage of the knowledge and skills necessary for sustainable business success.

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Building a profitable business that reflects your values of being of service to yourself, your employees, your customers, and a good steward in the world takes an intentional and strategic effort. Join us as we build organizations and communities that reflect our desire to “be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

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Podcast Episodes

iImage of Stephanie Hurlburt

CommEngReport – Stephanie Hurlburt

All good things must come to an end and I am so happy that Stephanie Hurlburt was my final guest. She and I spend our time together discussing many topics of interest to both of us related to inclusion, diversity, safe spaces in tech, and the importance of entrepreneurs investing in themselves by acquiring a business […]

image of machiko

CommEngReport – Machiko

Machiko, from Reaction Commerce, and I talk about all things Community Engineering.

Image of Jennifer Brown

CommEngReport – Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown, author of  Inclusion: Diversity, The New Workplace & The Will To Change and I talk about just that…improving diversity in the workplace and the challenges to doing this kind of work.

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The Strategic Disruption of the Status Quo in Technical Organizations, Communities, and Events


Yesterday’s session with Kim was eye opening. A room of 16 people learned a lot about themselves, their bias and most importantly concrete steps they could take to address it. The whole experience was fantastic; whilst Kim can be intensely confrontational, all of us came out with a really positive feeling and one of closeness and trust in Kim. She has given us a fresh motivation to make further changes in our organisation to ensure we support and include under represented and marginalised voices in our work and with our products. I can highly recommend these workshops!

Neil Burdock (Head of Software Engineering at Ableton)


If you’re not following @KimCrayton1 then you’re missing out on serious wisdom about tech, inclusion, and effecting change.

Do it!!

Sonia Gupta

Kim is an organized go-getter with a knack for openly sharing her lessons learned and best practices resulting in a dedicated tribe following. She motivates students and is a leader in the tech scene. Leaning on her vast network, she helps members of the community connect and grow by asking the right questions. Kim is an all around wonderful person who is business savvy and totally approachable! I highly recommend Kim to be part of any team.

Krystal Kaplan

Kim is a dynamic community cultivator who brings together two incredible strengths in a rare but essential combination.

Firstly, she has a thoroughly infectious personality. Her interactions on stage as well as in person are energizing and inspiring. Secondly, she brings a sharp, effective ability to hone in on what needs to be done and, most importantly, who is going to do it.

Kim is a conscientious listener, a gracious mentor and an unparalleled leader with a great heart for developing vital communities. It’s my sincerest hope that I will get to work with Kim again!

Aaron Brooks

It is a pleasure to know Kim. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she always has an interesting point of view about technology.

Bennett Gaddes

Kim understands that the true challenges of our tech driven world do not lie in finding better coders, but in creating and maintaining a space where a team of creatives can flourish. With her endless energy, motivation and endurance, Kim makes the perfect person to have to get the best out of your team. And with her great network and empathy, Kim has access to a bigger talent pool than anyone I ever met before.

I can’t recommend Kim enough, and I’m already looking forward to the time our ways will cross again.

Gregor Martynus

Kim is an amazing person, and really cares about getting the job done well. She found talent that was able to help develop a new feature for our product in less than 3 days. She truly has a natural gift for connecting and helping people.

Jerica Richardson

Kim is an excellent individual who is very passionate about Tech, as I’ve come to realize. Her thirst and expertise in meeting people and making connections that matter is second only to her passion and admiration for all things tech.

Sunday Adefila

Kim is an excellent facilitator and trainer. She does a really good job of helping her clients figure out viable solutions for real workplace issues. She is strong at building a good working relationship with her clients because she is very personable and respectful. I enjoy how creative and innovative she is in her overall approach to training. She is always bringing new ideas to the forefront, which is one reason she is a hit with her clients.

Perry Gunn

Kim is the spark of energy you need, even when you didn’t know you needed it. Her joy, passion, and light shine through effortlessly and you instantly feel welcome, challenged, and you just want to go out and conquer the world once you leave her presence. Not only would I recommend her to speak anywhere, I’d go see her too.
Keep doing amazing things Kim we need you!!

Jenessa White

I attended Kim Crayton’s workshop: Taming the Wild West: Strategies for Successfully Transitioning Into a Tech Career. Kim’s approach was extremely practical with hands-on activities, panel discussions and a guest lecturer. Kim’s background is in education, and you can tell. She made sure that she connected with each person in the workshop and personalize her talk whenever possible. She did this for me. Kim helped me create a plan of attack for after I left the workshop, and I stuck to it. The best part of working with Kim was that she enthusiastically continued to mentor me after the workshop. I sent her a few messages, and she promptly responded in a very nurturing way. This workshop is a must for anyone beginning their journey in the tech field.

Faith Wallace

I attended Kim’s workshop, “Taming the Wild West”, and also watched her speak on various panels. She is kickass! She doesn’t hesitate to share her beliefs and provide examples to advance others within the tech industry. There is something lively about Kim, as she communicates her experiences and provides feedback to others. One of the reasons her network is vast is because she works to help and continues to give back to her community. Kim is very quick to engage, figure out how she can assist, and connect you with a person or idea. I am especially grateful to have met her as she connected me to different mentors after I shared my immediate goals with her. I highly recommend her for any speaking or community engagement roles.

Lanice Sims

I love presenters who have a deep passion for their content that overflows and oozes from their being when they stand before the audience. This was Kim. Completely honest, authentic and confident. I’ve always found these types of people, especially women, inspiring and I pay attention to them. When I attended Kim’s Taming the Wild West workshop, I immediately felt I was where I was supposed to be. Her message was for me. By facilitating this workshop on career transitions into tech, Kim introduced me to concepts that were new to me and she challenged me to adjust my thinking about things like, how pivotal it is to have a presence on Twitter or how creating a new tribe is necessary when you can’t find an existing one or how it is possible to speak at a conference with no prior experience except that you are knowledgeable and passionate about your topic.

Kim’s candor and guidance has provided me with a better roadmap for my career transition and I’m extremely grateful for her.

Ingrid Hawkins

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that Kim Crayton does a great job of captivating an audience all while sharing her expertise with a twist. Her approach to public speaking about a topic is not all the same plain tech talk, it informs you and calls you to action with a purpose all at the same time. The thing that sets her perspective apart, is her honest, straight to the point, no chaser view on life in tech at any level, which I believe everyone appreciates about her. This is the key element that I know will grant her much success and longevity, as she is in a lane all her own and she is on fire!

Jennifer Ponder