Being able to effectively communicate your ideas, desires, and intentions to others is a skill that is valued everywhere, especially as it relates to innovation. The world's economies move forward because businesses are able to create, market, and sell products and services that solve problems.

Kim Crayton has years of experience developing strategies that aid in improving people, ideas and organizations. She is known for her skills as a problem solver and strategy developer. She possesses a unique ability of being able to see the BIG picture while still managing the details.

Whether in the role of educator, writer, public speaker, curriculum designer, process/project manager, Kim is always in search of innovative approaches that enable individuals and organizations to access and exploit 21st century technologies.

Helping To Improve Technical People, Ideas, and Organizations

  • Introduction To Technology
  • Introduction Technical Literacy
  • Mentoring Support
  • Process and Project Management
  • Self-Care Support

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