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Kim, is a Community Engineer, Organizational Anthropologist, and advocate for diversity, inclusion, and safe spaces in tech.

She has years of experience working with learners of all ages, skill level, and abilities and is now using her knowledge to develop technical people, ideas, organizations, and communities. She is known for her skills as a problem solver and strategy developer. She possesses a unique ability of being able to see the BIG picture while still managing the details.

Whether in the role of strategist, educator, writer, public speaker, mentor, trainer or curriculum designer, Kim is always in search of innovative approaches that enable individuals, organizations, and communities to intentionally and skillfully create environments which support the sharing of common attitudes, interests, and goals in order to grow a more inclusive and diverse technology community.

Krystal Kaplan

Kim is an organized go-getter with a knack for openly sharing her lessons learned and best practices resulting in a dedicated tribe following. She motivates… Read more “Krystal Kaplan”

Jerica Richardson

Kim is an amazing person, and really cares about getting the job done well. She found talent that was able to help develop a new… Read more “Jerica Richardson”

Bennett Gaddes

It is a pleasure to know Kim. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she always has an interesting point of view about technology.

Perry Gunn

Kim is an excellent facilitator and trainer. She does a really good job of helping her clients figure out viable solutions for real workplace issues.… Read more “Perry Gunn”

Faith Wallace

I attended Kim Crayton’s workshop: Taming the Wild West: Strategies for Successfully Transitioning Into a Tech Career. Kim’s approach was extremely practical with hands-on activities,… Read more “Faith Wallace”

Gregor Martynus

Kim understands that the true challenges of our tech driven world do not lie in finding better coders, but in creating and maintaining a space… Read more “Gregor Martynus”

Sunday Adefila

Kim is an excellent individual who is very passionate about Tech, as I’ve come to realize. Her thirst and expertise in meeting people and making connections… Read more “Sunday Adefila”

Jennifer Ponder

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that Kim Crayton does a great job of captivating an audience all while… Read more “Jennifer Ponder”

Aaron Brooks

Kim is a dynamic community cultivator who brings together two incredible strengths in a rare but essential combination. Firstly, she has a thoroughly infectious personality.… Read more “Aaron Brooks”

Ingrid Hawkins

I love presenters who have a deep passion for their content that overflows and oozes from their being when they stand before the audience. This… Read more “Ingrid Hawkins”

Lanice Sims

I attended Kim’s workshop, “Taming the Wild West”, and also watched her speak on various panels. She is kickass! She doesn’t hesitate to share her beliefs… Read more “Lanice Sims”

Jenessa White

Kim is the spark of energy you need, even when you didn’t know you needed it. Her joy, passion, and light shine through effortlessly and… Read more “Jenessa White”

Current Projects Include:

  • @CommEngReport: where honest conversations about inclusion, diversity & safe spaces in tech happen,
  • I & D Network: A online community created to support the individuals working to build a more inclusive and diverse business environment
  • @InclusionSym: A 2-day retreat, April 4 & 5, 2018, designed to support the community of individuals working to advance Inclusion & Diversity in businesses & communities, 
  • @InclusionConf: A conference designed to help organizational & community leaders develop effective strategies that reflect & support a global perspective. August 8 & 9, 2018,
  • “Taming the Wild West: Strategies For Successfully Transitioning Into A Technology Career” workshop,
  • public speaking, and
  • #WeCanDoBetter.

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